C.7. Registering a Vendor ID with Khronos

Vulkan implementers must report a valid vendor ID for their implementation, as reported by physical device queries. If there is no valid PCI vendor ID defined for the physical device, implementations must obtain a Khronos vendor ID.

Khronos vendor IDs are reserved in a similar fashion to author prefixes. While vendor IDs are not directly related to API extensions, the reservation process is very similar and so is described in this section.

To reserve an Khronos vendor ID, you must first have a Khronos author prefix. Propose a merge request against vk.xml. The merge must add a <vendorid> tag and fill in the name and id attributes. The name attribute must be set to the author prefix. The id attribute must be the first sequentially available ID in the list of <vendorid> tags. The vendor ID will be reserved only once this merge request has been accepted.

Please do not try to reserve vendor IDs unless you are making a good faith effort to develop a Vulkan implementation and require one for that purpose.