C.6. Registering an Author Prefix with Khronos

Previous Khronos APIs could only officially be modified by Khronos members. In an effort to build a more flexible platform, Vulkan allows non-Khronos developers to extend and modify the API via layers and extensions in the same manner as Khronos members. However, extensions must still be registered with Khronos. A mechanism for non-members to register layers and extensions is provided.

Extension authors will be able to create an account on the Khronos github project and, using this account, register an author prefix with Khronos. This string must be used as the author prefix in any extensions the author registers. The same account will be used to request registration of extensions or layers with Khronos, as described below.

To reserve an author prefix, propose a merge request against vk.xml. The merge must add a <tag> XML tag and fill in the name, author and contact attributes with the requested author prefix, the author’s formal name (e.g. company or project name), and contact email address, respectively. The author prefix will be reserved only once this merge request is accepted.

Please do not try to reserve author names which clearly belong to another existing company or software project which may wish to develop Vulkan extensions or layers in the future, as a matter of courtesy and respect. Khronos may decline to register author names that are not requested in good faith.